Easy Arabic Alphabets Game

Arabic Alphabets Game

Easy Arabic Alphabets Game is an online open source HTML5 game for those who wants to learn Arabic alphabets.

It has more than 40 lessons/levels. Unlock the next level by finishing the current level.

On each levels, player will see some alphabet images. If the image is pressed, player can see how that alphabet sounds. Then on the next page, player will see a simple quiz. In that quiz player will hear an alphabet sounds then he/she must choose the correct alphabet image related to the sound.

You can play this game online here: https://webapps.ciihuy.com/easyarabicalphabets

Visit this GitHub page to view it’s source codes: https://github.com/habibieamrullah/Arabic-Alphabets-Game

Or you can also play this game on your Android devices. Get it from Google Play by clicking this button:


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