Ciihuy MailSender – A Free Online Mass/Bulk Mail Sending service

Ciihuy MailSender is a web application created for sending bulk/mass emails with a single click.

Watch this video tutorial to see how to use it:

To use this feature, first you must have an email account. Gmail account is also fine. But it’s better to try with your own email account for example Find out online how you can create an email account if you own a website.

Then you need to input your mail host, email account address, your email password (don’t worry we don’t store your information) and sender name. Leave SSL and port option as they are. Enter email addresses you want to send emails to, separated by a comma for each email address. Then write your email title and email content. You can write HTML codes as email content too.

Watch this tutorial about how to create and send an HTML email:

Visit Ciihuy MailSender main page here to send your bulk mails right now:

In a near future we planned to create a desktop version of this app.

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