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Lost in Catacombs

In this game you must explore underground dark and creepy tunnels to find your way to a room with a chest of gold treasure.

But it’s not easy, you must find hidden objects to unlock some doors before entering it. In some area you will see a living skeletons moving toward you, so you must avoid those skeletons. You can not kill those skeletons you only need to avoid them.

Because it’s very dark inside those tunnels, in this game you are holding a torch to see your way. You can turn the torch on and off. Fortunately you can always your torch with unlimited battery, so don’t worry you will not get lost in the dark.

At some places you will see arrows in walls. Follow that arrow to find your way to the other chambers. Otherwise you may get lost.

This game is inspired by the real underground tunnels in Paris called Catacombs.

Get this game from Google Play:

Watch the trailer of this game:

I’ve also made a walkthrough video for this game here:


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