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Single Shot K-Sniper

Single Shot K-Sniper is an interesting sniper shooting game.

Currently this game only has 15 levels to play and we are going to add more levels on near future.

In this game your only job is to stay steady and shoot your enemies from a long distance. 

The distance between you and your enemies may vary. Sometimes the enemies are far away, sometimes they are standing still and another time they are walking, and also running.

Of course shooting a moving enemy is far more harder then shooting a standing still enemy. But don’t worry, here is the hint: shoot the moving enemy once, then shoot for second time at any area near the enemy.

In this game you can not move anywhere. You can only stay in your position to accomplish your mission. If your enemy run away and disappear, you must start over the level and try again. So you need to hit one enemy by one single shot, otherwise enemy will run away.

To aim your rifle simply touch and sweep the screen anywhere. To fire, first you need to activate sniper scope by tapping scope button, then you can fire 1 bullet every 2 seconds. There is a steady button that you can press to avoid wiggling hand while aiming. If you need to zoom more, there is a zoom button too to switch between two zoom modes.

If you like Single Shot K-Sniper game, please give us a 5 stars rate and we will get more motivated to improve this game. Of course we will add more fun game levels if we see you are happy with this game.

Download this game right now from Google Play:

Because we can not show the in-game-killing in our trailer video to promote this game, we simply made a simple trailer to watch on Google Play page of this game. But here is the real trailer that you can watch how Single Shot Killer Sniper game looks like:


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