Assets Investor 2D

This game is about buying assets such as stores, restaurants, hotels, factories, companies, etc. to gain profits from it. Each assets can generate cash and you can collect it to buy another assets.

Buy more assets to collect more profit so you can buy much more assets and getting rich by that.

How to Play:

First you must select which land do you want to go. Initially you have one land with one shop in it. That shop can generate money. You also have some cash you can spend it to purchase some assets. Purchase it and wait until they generated some profits. Collect those profits till you have more cash to buy another assets.

Once you have some assets, you will run out of space on your land. So you need to purchase more land. There are three types of land: small, medium and large. Collect the assets as much as possible to generate more cash, and by having more cash you can purchase more bigger and valuable assets.

This app also has a simple global leaderboard system. Set a nickname, and compare how rich you are.

Download this app from Google Play:


Watch the video preview here;

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