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The Lost Village of Dancers

The Lost Village of Dancers is a fiction horror and mystery game.

You only have a torch and a cell phone. There is a few lights in the village. You must save battery to be able to use the torch to see around you.

Some people were reported missing on that village. Now it is your curiousity pushes you to find out what happened in that mysterious village. Maybe you can find them, dead or alive.

But don’t think this adventure will be easy for you. You must find your way to that creepy village. It’s easy to you to get lost and shocked by ghosts!

Remember, you are just a human. You can not fight ghosts. The only wise thing to do is to avoid them as you can. Running away is better than fighting them, you won’t risk your life for fighting that ugly things, right?

Take note of the signs to avoid getting lost, especially in the dark jungle filled with ghosts.

If you like this game and enjoy playing it, would you give it a five stars rating, please? Also let your friends know about this game so they can play it too.

Download this game from Google Play:


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