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Bus Driving Around Java Island

Nyupir Antar Kota or Driving Between Cities is a bus driving simulator game. In this game you work as a bus driver in Java, Indonesia, delivering your passengers from one city to another.

The more distance between two cities the more money you will earn from this job.

At the beginning of the game, you own a simple economy class bus. Go to a terminal in your city then select your destination city from there. Then its time for driving along beautiful Java island.

Earn and collect more money to purchase new better buses by keep driving. But put attention to the gas indicator, you must go to gas station before running out fuel, otherwise you will be charged for more expensive fuel.

You will get hungry too, so take your time to visit some of the restaurants across the roads to eat.

The bus engine also overheating by the time. So you need to go to mechanic at bus service center on time.

Traveling between cities is fun, you can see beautiful landscape with day and night cycle plus realistic lighting. You can choose between regular road or highway to travel. You are hungry while driving on long highway road, don’t worry there are rest areas you can visit to refuel and get food.

Enjoy the game, and if you like it please give as a 5 stars rating and your valuable feedback!